Barcode Hyperstore is a subsidiary of RealTime DC Ltd. As well as offering hardware sales through the Barcode Hyperstore, RealTime DC specialises in offering mobile software solutions and services needed to implement these systems. RealTime DC can offer these services below 

 Wireless Solutions

RealTime DC designs and installs wireless networking hardware to support the handheld terminals, vehicle mounts and printers used with the software applications. Our services include:
  • RF Site surveys
  • Wireless Switch implementation
  • Structured Cabling
  • Access Point Installation
  • Configuration and Commissioning
  • Ongoing Support and Repair
  • System Health Checks
RealTime DC have impemented ATEX wireless systems.


Our experience in implementing business systems, our knowledge of the software products and hardware gives the confidence that we can work with your Operations and IT personnel to ensure that the data capture solution delivers the expected benefits quickly.

Project Management

Our project management provides a total coordination of all project planning, management and implementation from concept to completion.

Software Tools

Where a standard solution may not exist to intergrate to your existing system we can use software tools that allow even non prorammers to develop a solution, quickly.


We offer training services as part of the implementation to enable your personnel to swiftly utilise and own the use of the solution.

Staging Hardware

When an implementation requires many mobile computers or printers to be configured you need this to happen without impacting on what are usually finite resources in your project team. RealTime DC will agree and test all parameters with you and then deliver fully configured hardware at the time required.


Software solutions, Wireless and Mobile Hardware require responsive support to ensure that in the event of a problem or failure immediate help is too hand that will resolve the issue. RealTime DC works with its partners to put in place a support scheme that matches your requirements, for example;
  • Software Support Desk
  • Comprehensive Hardware Service Packs
  • Extended Care Programmes

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