Barcode Hyperstore is a subsidiary of RealTime DC Ltd. As well as offering hardware sales through the Barcode Hyperstore, RealTime DC specialises in offering mobile software solutions and all the support and training needed to implement these systems. RealTime DC can offer mobile data capture solutions for almost any industry. Some of the areas RealTime DC works in are health and safety, asset management, location services, audit control, security patrols and ERP integration.
Here are details of some of the solutions we provide:



Real-Link RFID combines NFC-enabled mobile phones with RFID tags so that you get guaranteed proof that an employee was at a particular location and what they were doing whilst there - simply by them touching a location tag with their phone. The phone is also an ideal tool to use for Lone Worker Protection (LWP) and Real-Link RFID makes it easy for employees to instantly transmit that they are in danger.

Real-Link for Security Patrols
Real-Link Security Patrol system is a proof of attendance and data capture tool that is ideal for guard tours on static sites and mobile patrols. RFID tags are placed around sites that are to be patrolled and then touched by the guard with an NFC-enabled mobile phone to prove who has been there and when. This information is sent immediately via the mobile phone network to enable management and clients to view what is happening on a secure website. Menus can also be used to capture any information such as incident reporting and to take photos.
Real-Link for Contract Cleaning
Real-Link is an ideal solution for contract cleaning. Using NFC enabled mobile phones and RFID tags you can get guaranteed proof that a cleaner has been to a client’s site, when they were there and for how long. Instructions for each site can be sent to the cleaner via the phone and they can also capture further information such as products used or issues that may have arisen.
Real-Link for Field Service/Asset Management

By using Real-Link you will be able to immediately prove where your employees went, at what time, and what they did whilst there. The RFID tag also enables you to uniquely identify each piece of equipment. Real-Link’s back office system includes details of where the asset is and all historical data about its maintenance. Once the tag is touched by the employee, instructions of what must be done or questions that need responses such as equipment readings, condition etc. can be displayed. Jobs can also be assigned to individual employees from Real-Link’s back-office system that must be acknowledged.

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